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Braintree was founded in 1995 in Australia, with the aim of promoting hemp as an environmentally friendly alternative to cotton. Braintree soon became one of the largest hemp clothing companies in the world.

Braintree - Arriving in the UK

In 2002, after 11 years of growth and knowledge of the Hemp industry, Braintree began operatin in the UK. Armed with a desire to let the good peope of the United Kingdom & Europe experience hemp that was contemporary, stylish and the best alternative to man-made fibres, Braintree made the move from an Australia basking in summer to a cool winter.


Braintree Ideology

Wearing What The World Can Afford

Braintree believe in wearing what the world can afford. That means not only producing clothing in an environmentally friendly way, but also ensuring that everyone involved gets a fair deal.

All Braintree garments are made from ecological fabrics like hemp, bamboo and soybean fibre.

Braintree Partners

Braintree clothing and the cloth it's made from is all produced in China, the world leader in ecological fabric development. Despite some bad press, the Chinese government is very aware of the impact of industry on its environment. All fabric factories and dye houses are regularly inspected, with heavy fines for polluters.

Braintree Responsibilities

The environmental aspect of the Braintree business sits side by side with the humanitarian aspect. Braintree make sure that their production partners share their values on important issues like child labour, discrimination, working hours, discipline practices, freedom of association and health and safety.

Four times a year Braintree visit the factories in China that produce their clothing, so they can see with their own eyes that they're living up to Braintree standards.

Braintree are also working closely with the Fair Trade Association to develop a template for Fair Trade certification of goods produced in China. As well as making it easier for consumers to make an ethical choice, this will help encourage and support other companies that are trying to do the right thing.


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