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Recycled Beer/Wine Glasses - Grolsh (pair)

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Recycled Beer/Wine Glasses - Grolsh (pair)

Grolsch Goblets made from recycled Grolsch Bottles.

Packaged in a cardboard gift pack of 2 glasses.

These great environmentally friendly goblets are made from the iconic 450ml swing top Grolsch beer bottle, transformed into stylish and unique drinking glasses.

Great for wine or beer, drinking from them is a delight, and they make a fantastic gift. Grolsch goblets take recycling to the next level, they will definitely seal your eco credentials!

The Grolsch goblets are made by cutting away the base of the bottle, polishing the edges and bonding the base to the neck to form the foot. Hey presto, an upside down beer bottle glass.

As the glasses aren't melted down, they save 90% of the energy normally used to make recycled glass.

Note: Designs change slightly with the shape, colour and size of the original bottle available. However, all recycled glasses will look fantastic and be great to drink from.


Made in Cornwall, UK.


Dishwasher Safe?

Please handwash the goblets and not wash them in the dishwasher.  However, the tumblers are dishwasher safe.

Recycled Beer/Wine Glasses - Grolsh (pair)
Recycled Beer/Wine Glasses - Grolsh (pair)
Recycled Beer/Wine Glasses - Grolsh (pair)
Recycled Beer/Wine Glasses - Grolsh (pair)
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